hi there! i'm cerise, currently 20 last time i checked, live somewhere on earth and speak english and some other earthly languages.
i doodle, sing, watch things, read things, take random pictures, and many other things.
i tend to post up music i come across and rather like; one of my favourite artists of all time is YUI. i love her work, lyrics and tune and instruments; it's like she knows what you're thinking and what it is you really want to hear at one moment in time. listen to her when you get the chance and search up the translations to the lyrics (:!
follow me and i hope your dashboard lives :D like others, please do NOT take my art without my permission and post it up as your own, no matter how good or crap you might think my work is.




i walked into health and screamed and the teacher goes “you’re the 7th person today. they’re cpr dummies.”

jesus christ

they’re calling to mother for food

F  E  E  D





I like how America is freaking out like “AHHH SAME SEX MARRIAGE AHH TAXED HEALTH CARE OMG AHHHHHH!!! THE WORLD WILL BURN!!” and literally right next to them is their most similar country doing perfect with both of those things like it’s a no-brainer.


what the hell is that beaver doing

quietly reveling in its stable economy.


I don’t even care how this happened


IT SUDDENLY GOT REALLY DARK IN HERE LIKE as if someone stood in front of our brightest lamp and it freaked me out so bad cause i thought “GHOSTS??? DEMONS?????” and i turned around and all i saw was